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British Cycling

Level 2 Leadership Training 2019

Alyth, Perthshire £180

16th and 17th March 
4th and 5th May 
21st and 22nd September 
26th and 27th October 

The Level 2 Mountain Bike Leadership Award is ideal for anyone with experience in mountain biking, who is either working or looking to work in the outdoor sector or simply has a personal interest in gaining all the information needed to go out on their mountain bike, be safe and have fun.

British Cycling

Level 2 Leadership Assessment 2019

Dunkeld, Perthshire £90

27th April 
8th June 
10th August 
19th October

Assessment for the Level 2 Mountain Bike Leadership Award consists of a practical assessment and a written assignment.

The practical assessment consists of an all-day mountain bike journey during which each candidate will be assigned to lead a section of the assessment route. The assessment procedure is informal and is designed to help you develop your skills as a mountain bike leader.


Mountain Bike Night Leader Award
Training 12th January 2019
Dundee £100

The Mountain Bike Night Leader Award enables existing British Cycling qualified mountain bike leaders to lead beyond the hours of daylight extending the opportunities for your groups to ride through twilight and darkness. Night Leaders are able to offer amazing mountain bike experiences for their groups during evening and night rides throughout the year.


Phone: 07833580482